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Initiatives by Baru Sahib

This ia a brief of various Initiatives undertaken by Baru Sahib, for the welfare of communities in Himachal, Punjab, UP and Rajasthan. With Education as the primary focus


Higher Education

  • Akal University at Talwandi Sabo
  • Eternal University
    • Dr. Khem Singh Gill Akal College of Agriculture
    • Akal College of Engineering and Technology
    • Akal College of Basic Sciences
    • Akal College of Health and Allied Sciences
    • Akal College of Education
    • Akal College of Economics, Commerce and Management
    • Akal College of Nursing

Akal Academies

  • List here as accordion of 130 schools

Other Schools

  • Akal Gurmat School

Internships and Placements

  • With CSR initiatives with various industrial partners

Sponsor a Child

Organizations and individuals from al over the world sponsor Kids education for needy students


Solar Projects

Waste Management

Disaster Relief

Green Campus Project


Akal Charitable Hospital

Akal College of Health and Allied sciences

Deaddiction Centre

Health Camps

Women Empowerment

Various way in which ..

Community Welfare

Disaster Relief


Akal Drug De-addiction and Rehabilitation Centre

Agriculture Camps and Education


  • Samagams events
  • Spiritual Education
  • Music and Videos Studio
  • Online Youtube Channels

Spiritual Publications

Eternal Voice Magazine

Books and Periodicals

CSR initiative