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Bibi Mariam: A Timeless Example of Maternal Guidance and Spiritual Nurturing

A Sweet Incentive for Spiritual Growth

The story of Baba Fareed Ji and his mother, Bibi Mariam, offers a charming insight into the early spiritual upbringing of a revered saint. As a young child, Baba Fareed Ji was encouraged by his mother to engage in Simran, the practice of meditating on the divine name. With the innocent curiosity typical of children, he asked what he would gain from this practice. In response, his mother promised him sweets, a treat that captivated his young heart.

The Joy of Simran and Divine Rewards

Driven by the promise of sweets from God, Baba Fareed Ji eagerly immersed himself in Simran, closing his eyes and crossing his legs in devotion. Each time he completed his meditation, his mother would place sweets before him, fulfilling her promise and bringing joy to her son. Baba Fareed Ji delighted in this sweet reward, relishing the treats as a gift from the divine.

From Sweetness to Spiritual Insight

However, as Baba Fareed Ji continued his practice of Simran, something profound happened. One day, he opened his eyes after meditation and chose not to indulge in the sweets before him. When his mother questioned him, he responded with a remarkable insight: “Once you taste the Name of God, then all other sweets in the world taste bland.” In this moment, Baba Fareed Ji transcended the allure of worldly pleasures, recognizing the incomparable sweetness of spiritual devotion.

A Mother’s Role in Spiritual Upbringing

Bibi Mariam played a crucial role in nurturing Baba Fareed Ji’s spiritual journey, offering him both earthly and divine sweetness as incentives for his devotion. Her simple yet profound guidance exemplifies the importance of spiritual upbringing in childhood, instilling values that shape a lifetime of faith and devotion.

Applying Lessons to Modern Motherhood

In today’s world, where material comforts abound, the lesson of Bibi Mariam’s gentle guidance resonates deeply. While modern mothers may not offer sweets as incentives for spiritual practices, they have the opportunity to impart invaluable lessons to their children. Encouraging mindfulness, reverence, and service to others can instill a sense of spiritual fulfillment that transcends worldly desires.

The story of Baba Fareed Ji and his mother serves as a timeless reminder of the transformative power of spiritual devotion and the role of maternal guidance in nurturing it. Just as Bibi Mariam lovingly encouraged her son on his spiritual path, mothers today have the opportunity to cultivate the seeds of faith and devotion in their children. By imparting timeless values and nurturing spiritual growth, they lay the foundation for a lifetime of sweetness in the divine presence.


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