Celebrating International Mothers Day, May 2024

The history of Mother’s Day is quite sweet!
But to meet the “mother” of Mother’s Day, you’re going to have to travel all the way back in time to 1864 — the year when Anna Jarvis was born
Anna was a determined activist, and to this day, she’s credited with “inventing” Mother’s Day in an attempt to honor her own mother, Ann Jarvis. Ann—that’s Anna’s mother—had spent much of her life raising awareness about the infant mortality rate.

“From her, kings are born. From women, women are born; without women,
there would be no one at all.”
– Guru Nanak

Throughout history, Sikh women have been a source of inspiration. Their lives showed us how to be devoted, passionate, generous, kind, fearless, tolerant, humble, and so much more.

Five incredible Sikh women from Sikh History

As we celebrate mothers this Mother’s Day weekend, we remember the lives of 5 incredible  Sikh women. Each of them played an important role in being a guide and raising the morale of the Sikhs and in shaping how we live out our faith today.

Mata Khivi Ji

Mata Khivi Ji was the wife of the Second Guru, Guru Angad Dev Ji. After Guru Nanak Dev Ji instituted the practice of Langar, Mata Khivi made it a mission to continue the tradition while expanding Sikhi amongst women.

Mata Gujri Ji

Mata Gujri Ji was the wife of Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji and the mother of Guru Gobind Singh Ji. Her role in the development of the Sikh faith is critical as she was a pillar of strength of the young Guru Gobind Singh Ji and char sahebzades, a crucial leader in battles against the Mughal Empire.

Mata Sundri Ji

(Sunder Kaur) was the wife of Guru Gobind Singh Ji and a remarkable personality remembered for her role as a confident leader of the Sikh community. After the martyrdom of Guru Gobind Singh Ji, She played a critical to up lift the moral of the Sikh Panth

Mata Bhag Kaur Ji (Mai Bhago Ji)

Mai Bhago was the first woman to fight on the battlefield in Punjab. After learning gatka, a traditional martial arts form, she participated in multiple battles and ultimately became one of Guru Gobind Singh Ji's bodyguards.

Rani Sada Kaur Ji

Rani Sada Kaur became a woman-warrior after the passing of her husband in a battle against the Mughal Empire. She fought countless battles and closely advised her son-in-law as he became the first Maharaja of the Sikh Empire, Maharaja Ranjit Singh.

There are many more mentionable names in glorious sikh history of women like: Mata Bhani Ji, Mata Saheb Kaur Ji, and Bebe Nanaki Ji.
Apart from this there are around 100 names of brave sikh women who sacrificed their life for the panth.


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