Inter House Athletic meet at Akal Academy, Khuian, Sarwar

The Annual Athletic Meet at Akal Academy, Khuian Sarwar, unfolded against a backdrop of spirited competition and camaraderie.The event commenced with a soul-stirring rendition of Shabad Kirtan, setting a serene atmosphere. This was followed by a meticulously coordinated march past, led by the school’s head girl and head boy.

Embracing Fair Play: The Oath Ceremony

Prior to the commencement of competitions, students solemnly pledged to uphold the principles of fair play and sportsmanship, reaffirming the ethos of integrity in sports.From traditional races like the sack race and frog race to contemporary events like the 50m sprint and spoon race, students showcased their agility and enthusiasm across a diverse range of activities.

Captivating Narratives: Commentators and Live Action

The electrifying atmosphere was further enhanced by lively commentary, providing spectators with real-time updates and insights into the unfolding events.Individual brilliance shone through as students competed fiercely for top honors in events ranging from sprints to field events like long jump and shotput.The culmination of the event saw jubilant celebrations as house teams reveled in their collective achievements, with one house emerging victorious as the overall champion.As the day drew to a close, students were encouraged to embrace a spirit of self-belief and strive for excellence in all their endeavors, both on and off the field.

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