Seminar by Kalgidhar Society on – Rural Transformation for a Sustainable Future

The Kalgidhar Society Baru Sahib has always been a torchbearer of transformation, with a vision of creating a better future and environment for the new generation.
In continuation with the mission, the Society organised and orchestrated a dynamic seminar titled “Empowering Young Minds: Educating Kids For A Sustainable Future.”

The event at the illustrious Mirage Hotel in Mumbai ignited a fruitful dialogue on the pressing challenges and innovative solutions in Rural Education, Employability, Skill Development, Women Empowerment & Mentoring, and their pivotal role in shaping the country.

The Seminar and its emphasis on important topics for rural development

Rural Education, Employability, Skill Development, Women Empowerment & Mentoring are crucial catalysts driving economic growth, quality education, and overall societal development.

As The Kalgidhar Society strives for a more sustainable and socially responsible future, it is essential that we place a special emphasis on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities in Punjab and the other Northern states of India. These regions hold immense potential for positive change and community development, and by aligning our efforts, we can make a substantial impact.

The distinguished Speakers

Speakers from diverse spheres unfolded the tapestry of insights and inspiration.

  • Harinderjit Singh, a revered Chartered Accountant and Retired Senior Partner at Price Waterhouse CA LLP;
  • Dr. Amarpreet Singh Ghura, an accomplished Associate Professor at FLAME University,
    whose teaching cases have garnered acclaim from IIM Ahmedabad Case Center & Harvard Business Publishing, IIM B & Harvard Business Publishing.
  • Rtn. Manpreet Singh, an accomplished graduate of IIM Bangalore and an Ambassador representing IKS, Govt. of India, enriched the panel discussion with thought-provoking perspectives on Women Empowerment & Mentoring, Employability, Skill Development, and Rural Education.

They shared valuable insights and ideas, bridging the theory and practice gap.

Rural education nurtures the future workforce. By equipping rural communities with quality education, we break the cycle of poverty and cultivate a skilled and knowledgeable populace that contributes meaningfully to various industries. Moreover, Employability and Skill Development initiatives bridge the gap between academia and the job market, ensuring that individuals possess the expertise needed to drive innovation, entrepreneurship, and sustainable economic progress.

Women’s Empowerment & Mentoring are potent forces that ignite a virtuous growth cycle. Armed with education and skills, empowered women become active contributors to the economy. Influential mentoring acts as a guiding beacon, nurturing the next generation of leaders, entrepreneurs, and change-makers, thus ensuring a robust and dynamic economic ecosystem.

The Interactive session graced by prominent personalities

The ensuing Q&A session, an intellectual cauldron of curiosity and insight, underscored the dynamic synergy between education and economic growth.

In a remarkable show of unity and shared purpose, the event was graced by prominent figures from various industries as well.

Amongst them were, Actress Hunar Gandhi;
Ranjeet Singh Grover, Co-Founder & CEO of FLS INDIA PVT LTD;
Amritpal Singh Gadhoke, Former CEO of London Dairy Bistro / Baskin Robbins / McDonald’s;
Dr. Amanpal Singh Chawla, Founder & CEO – Finsaarthi Learning Solutions;
Rtn. Gurpreet Singh Uppal, Founder and CEO at 7 Parallels Techno-Consultants Pvt. Ltd.;
Lavinder Duggal, Managing Director at HTL Aircon Pvt Ltd, and more.
Dr. Neelam, Advisor – Education & Healthcare, also an Excellence in School Education awardee at the UK House of Commons, shared her views and experience about women empowerment initiatives.
She also expressed her alignment with the vision of Padma Shri Baba Iqbal Singh Ji and narrated briefly how the Kalgidhar Society began its mission.
Lavinder Duggal was overwhelmed and concluded by saying that ‘only an able education can transform the real India’. He expressed his thanks to Kalgidhar society for providing such services on such a large scale and earnestly asked everyone to witness the set up of the Society and support the cause of education.

Their collective presence exemplified the collaborative spirit required to drive interest in economic advancement and education of the rural populace.


The Kalgidhar Society’s steadfast commitment shines as a beacon of hope, touching the lives of over 1,950,000 individuals through an expansive network encompassing 129 schools, 2 Universities, 3 Drug De-Addiction centres, and 1 hospital in rural India. Each initiative, rooted in value-based education, is a testament to the profound connection between education, empowerment, and economic prosperity.

As the world seeks pathways to sustainable progress, The Kalgidhar Society Baru Sahib emerges as a beacon of light, illuminating the way toward a future enriched by the transformative power of education.


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