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Cultivating Sustainable Agriculture: A Glimpse into Farmer’s Fair at Eternal University

Nestled in the serene landscapes of Baru Sahib, Eternal University played host to a vibrant congregation of farmers, scholars, and enthusiasts at its two-day Farmer’s Fair – the Kisan Mela 2024. The two-day Kisan Mela, held on the 13th and 14th of April 2024, was a resounding success. It attracted a diverse array of farmers, industry experts, and distinguished guests.

Notably, The Eternal University has been at the forefront of Agricultural Research and Development, with cutting edge facilities and consultation provided by Dr. Khem Singh Gill Akal College of Agriculture.

It plays a pivotal role in enhancing the quantity and quality of farm products and helping farmers improve with better crop varieties and sustainable farming practices. Farmers have always been respected as the “Anndata”, or Food providers,  in our culture. The Kisan Mela is an important part of the agricultural landscape in the region.
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Day 1: Inauguration and Keynote Speeches

The event commenced with a spiritual invocation, as music students of the University set the tone with a soulful Shabad Kirtan under the blessings of Dr. Davinder Singh Ji, the University’s chancellor.

The University’s distinguished personalities included previous vice chancellor Dr. H.S. Dhaliwal, pro-vice chancellor Dr. Amarik Singh Ahluwalia, and vice chancellor Dr. Jasvindar Singh graced the occasion with their insightful addresses, emphasizing the pivotal role of agriculture in shaping our collective future.
Dr. Satish Kumar Sharma, the esteemed coordinator of the Farmer’s Fair, extended a warm welcome to all attendees, setting the tone for an eventful day ahead

Recognition of Progressive Farmers

One of the highlights of the Kisan Mela was the recognition of outstanding progressive farmers. Mr. Jagmesh Kumar and Mrs. Jasvindar Kaur were honored for their exemplary agricultural contributions. The felicitation included a gold medal, certificates of appreciation, and cash awards – a testament to the University’s commitment to celebrating those who have dedicated their lives to nurturing the land.

Exhibition and Stalls

The sprawling exhibition area buzzed with activity as visitors explored a diverse array of stalls showcasing the latest advancements in agriculture, science, and technology. The event featured 54 stalls representing various fields, such as science, education, nursing, and agriculture, and also showcased Eternal University’s diverse initiatives and projects. From seed varieties to sustainable farming practices, each stall offered a glimpse into the future of agriculture.
Prominent organizations such as KTFarms, Bayer Seminis, and FIL Industries showcased their contributions to agricultural innovation, fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange.

Day 2: Interactive Sessions and Workshops

Building upon the momentum of the first day, the second day of the Farmer’s Fair was a testament to the University’s dedication to establishing alliances with the participating self-help groups and prominent agribusinesses, that can genuinely change the lives of farmers and their families.

Hands-on Workshops

Experts from various fields shared their insights on topics ranging from organic farming to digital agriculture, sparking thought-provoking conversations and fostering collaboration. Hands-on workshops provided participants with practical skills and strategies to enhance agricultural productivity and sustainability.
These cooperative initiatives, which range from technological advancements to environmentally friendly agricultural methods, are essential to strengthening rural communities and guaranteeing a better future for everybody.

Important message by Dr Davinder Singh Ji

Dr. Davinder Singh Ji, in his address, urged all present farmers to approach the University from time to time and meet the concerned agricultural scientists to solve any issues related to their farming and contribute to the upliftment of society. He also said that the farmer is the ‘Annadaata’ (food provider) and plays a crucial role in the development of society. He emphasized that it is crucial to uplift the farming community and the overall development of society.

The Closing Ceremony

As the curtains drew close on the two-day extravaganza, the vice-chancellor, Dr. Jasvindar Singh, emphasized the need for the younger generation to embrace the role of employment creators and the agriculture sector’s enormous potential. He delivered heartfelt closing remarks, expressing gratitude to all participants for their invaluable contributions.

A vote of thanks was extended to the organizing team, volunteers, and sponsors whose tireless efforts made the event a resounding success. The impact of the Farmers Fair will continue to reverberate across the agricultural landscape, inspiring positive change and transformation.

It is more than just a celebration of agricultural achievements; it is also a promise of the institution’s unwavering dedication to sustainable development and the empowerment of rural communities.

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