Kisan Mela at Eternal University: Empowering Farmers with Technology

Agricultural research and development plays a pivotal role in enhancing the quantity and quality of farm products. However, the true benefits of these advancements are realized when they are accessible to the farming community. With this objective in mind, a Kisan Mela is organized by Eternal University.

About the Organizers

Dr. Khem Singh Gill Akal College of Agriculture at Eternal University, conducts extensive research at experimental farms and laboratories. These innovations are aimed at benefiting the farming community.

With the support of ‘Sikhs in Sewa of Humanity’, Eternal University hosted the Kisan Mela 2023.

The Kisan Mela took place at Eternal University, Baru Sahib. The event showcased various extension agencies such as Krishi Vigyan Kendra and Farm Advisory Service Scheme (FASS), working to disseminate the latest agricultural technology to farmers.

kisan Mela baru sahib dr khem singh

The Need for Such a Kisan Mela

Kisan Melas provides a platform for farmers to showcase their produce, learn about new farming techniques, and interact with experts in the field. It facilitated connections with buyers, suppliers, and other stakeholders in the industry. Given the crucial role of agriculture in our lives, regular Kisan Melas are essential to provide farmers with the necessary resources to enhance their businesses and contribute to the overall development of the country.

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Objectives of Kisan Mela

The primary objective was to provide farmers with a platform to get answers to all their queries and seek expert advice. The Kisan Mela also aimed to inspire farmers to adopt cutting-edge agricultural practices that could enhance their output and profitability. Additionally, it sought to encourage competition and promote value-based agri-products among farmers.

Exciting Events and Activities at the Kisan Mela

The Kisan Mela featured several events and activities to help farmers learn about the latest agricultural technology. These included seed sale at subsidized rates, agro-industrial exhibitions, visits to agri-farms and crop museums, food processing and agri-farm equipment demonstrations, and promotion of organic farming/natural farming. Furthermore, solutions for grain storage and cooling systems for fruit and vegetable respiration were provided.

kisan Mela baru sahib student

Attractive Features at the Kisan Mela

Various attractive features at the Kisan Mela included banks personnel available to solve queries for loan applications, stalls by various departments of Eternal University and the state department of agriculture, produce competition for farmers, transportation facilities for local farmers, meals for farmers and department employees, display of pesticides/insecticides by leading companies, discounts on herbicides, insecticides, and fungicides for farmers, honorarium to officials and field personnel, and consolation gifts to various participating departments. Additionally, Dabur India supported the event and Vaisakhi celebrations by distributing nutritional juices for all participants.

The Eternal University Kisan Mela provided an excellent platform for farmers to learn about the latest agricultural technologies and improve their skills. It ensured that agricultural technology was accessible and valuable to the farming community.

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