Educate to Save – Dr. Davinder Singh Ji’s USA Tour, a mission for Education and Transformation in Rural Punjab

“The best investment any nation can do is provide education and a good foundation early,”

– Dr. Davinder Singh Ji.

Education has the power to transform lives, especially in Rural Areas.

With a Mission to Reboot Punjab, Dr. Davinder Singh Ji, President of the Kalgidhar Trust, was on a USA tour on a Mission of Transformation Through Education and Spiritual Rejuvenation. Mission Reboot Punjab is about providing world-class, affordable rural education infrastructure.

The tour, lasting the whole month of December, Dr. Davinder Singh Ji and the delegation visited different cities and met many people on this journey to inspire Change.
He echoed a powerful call for Change in rural #Punjab through education.

He highlighted the cultural and educational legacy of Punjab, underscoring the crucial role education plays in shaping its future. He also shared insights on the transformative impact of the “ – Educate Kids, Save Punjab” project, emphasizing collective efforts.

During the entire tour, Dr. Davinder Singh Ji shared the economic condition of the villages, which is poor. Because of less infrastructure facilities, lack of resources, and lack of quality education, the youth do not aspire to study and are inclined towards going abroad.

He also emphasized on the importance of education.  He motivated the people to contribute to the extent of Sharing and Caring, Sewa and Simran.

He also explained the “Daswandh” principle, the art of giving a passport to permanent happiness and bliss.

‘Educate to Save’ Seminar in Seattle, USA

The Educate to Save seminar in Seattle was organized by Dr. Sarabjeet Singh Virk ji and provided a platform for constructive discussions on overcoming challenges and fostering sustainable development.

The seminar united like-minded individuals, reaffirming their shared commitment to the cause. Special thanks to Dr. Sarabjeet Singh Virk for his pivotal role in making this event a success, bringing us closer to our vision of ‘Educate Kids, Save Punjab.’

“No education, No Vision” – the seminar in Las Vegas

Dr. Davinder Singh Ji and our volunteers visited Gurdwara Baba Deep Singh Ji in Las Vegas. He shared how one can transform lives through education.

He also stated that “Without Education, human being is blind.”

Rajwinder Singh Dhaliwal and his family showed immense support.


Spiritual Awareness at Columbia University

Dr. Davinder Singh shared insights into the life of Sant Baba Iqbal Singh Ji and imparted profound Sikh wisdom, emphasizing the importance of sharing 10% of wealth for the education and empowerment of underprivileged rural kids at Columbia University.

Jalnidh Kaur and Divjot Singh hosted this momentous gathering.


Unveiling the Chapter of Spiritual Journey and Mission Reboot Punjab in Dallas

Dr. Davinder Singh Ji shared insights into the mission and unveiled the chapters of his spiritual journey, teachings, and association with Sant Baba Iqbal Singh Ji.

His insights resonated, fostering a shared commitment among Sangat.

Gurvinder Suri and Jessie Mann also hosted a meeting where ideas flourished on strategic collaboration to empower and uplift Rural Punjab.

The shared stride aims to uplift futures and explore boundless horizons. The meeting encapsulates a clear commitment to the journey ahead.





Akal Punjabi Sikhya Program’s Graduation Ceremony

Our unique Akal Punjabi Sikhya Program where students connect with the roots of Gurmukhi with spirituality. It is an Online Punjabi Learning Program.

Our Young Volunteers Sahib D. Kaur and Kush Kaur hosted a fantastic graduation ceremony in #Dallas for students completing the ‘Akal Punjabi Sikhiya Program.’

Dr. Davinder Singh Ji handed out certificates with pride.


Engaging Podcast with Inderjit Singh, an Expert in Metaverse

Dr. Davinder Singh Ji had a podcast with Inderjit Singh, a Workday Financial Solutions Engagement Manager in Dallas from the USA.

Dr. Davinder Singh Ji shared the importance of education and how the vision of Sant Attar Singh Ji is being carried forward by Sant Teja Singh Ji and Sant Baba Iqbal Singh Ji and is now transforming rural North India.

“Educate Kids, Save Punjab ” – In Los Angeles

Paramjit Singh, Gurdeep Singh Malik, and Harvinder Singh Ji hosted an impactful meeting. Their hospitality added a significant touch to the cause. The Sangat in Los Angeles has strongly supported our mission to #EducateKids and #SavePunjab. Discussions between Dr. Davinder Singh ji and the Sangat were purposeful, showcasing a shared commitment to the noble cause.

Support from the Sangat in New York and Long Island

Dr. Davinder Singh Ji also met Sangat ( congregation) across New York and Long Island to ignite the flame of change as per Sant Baba Iqbal Singh Ji’s mission to shape a brighter future for rural children.

We are grateful to Sangat for participating in this journey.


With a Mission to Empower Rural Kids – A chapter in New Jersey, Philadelphia, and Maryland

Dr. Davinder Singh Ji met with the Sangat of New Jersey, Philadelphia, and Maryland to empower rural kids of North India. He shared his wisdom with the Sangat, infusing our mission with inspiration.


An Everlasting Philanthropic Gesture, a Unique Homage to the Parents of a family

In a hеartwarming tributе to thеir parеnts, Kulwindеr Singh Dhaliwal and Manjit Kaur Dhaliwal havе undеrtakеn a philanthropic еndеavor that will lеavе a lasting impact.

They have paid tribute to their parents through the S. Chamkaur Singh Dhaliwal Memorial Scholarship and Sponsoring education in rural Lohara, Punjab, at Akal Academy Kaleke, embodying a unique and selfless act.

This gеsturе not only showcasеs thеir support for thе causе but also sеrvеs as an inspiration for othеrs to stеp forward and contributе to thе noblе mission of еducation.

Read more about their initiative here:


Immense Support  to the mission –  from Chicago

This year’s journey to the USA ended in Chicago. Sangat showed their immense support for the mission.

Dr. Davinder Singh Ji also motivated the NRIs to give back to their village by adopting their native villages in Punjaba and sponsoring the education of underserved and underprivileged children.

Gurcharan Singh Jhaj is supporting and sponsoring the higher education of Sikhligar students through the ‘Educate to Save’ initiative. For the last 25 years, he has been part of the Educate To Save initiative. His initiative to educate the underserved is commendable.



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