Boston Consulting Group’s Transformative Initiative opens Digital Doors to enlighten lives for better futures

Today, in a world driven by technology, it is important that every strata of society needs to be an integral part of this innovative way of life. The only way to make this transformation is to incorporate Rural education with modern tools that go beyond textbooks.

BCG’s visionary initiative is set to revolutionize the rural learning landscape, tnd unlocking a world of possibilities for students, particularly those from financially constrained backgrounds.
This isn’t just a donation on BCG’s part; it’s a catalyst for change, a path to a future where every citizen is an equal participant

Understanding the Crucial Role of Technology for social Progress

Boston Consulting Group, A prominent  consulting firm is taking steps to initiate technological progress in rural schools, enriching digital literacy,
It is a big step in bridging the urban-rural gap, and promoting gender equality and women empowerment.
It realizes that human efficiency and production cannot be improved without the assimilation of technological progress in the education level.

Challenges in the Rural Technological Landscape

Unfortunately, rural areas face numerous challenges in technological advancement. The technical access gap between urban and rural communities substantially contributes to their division. There needs to be more digital literacy in rural areas. It becomes challenging for schools to meet CBSE accreditation standards due to a lack of infrastructure facilities. 

So, providing technological support in rural schools is essential to bridge the gap between urban and rural. 

Bridging the Urban-Rural Gap

With this aim, Boston Consulting Group (BCG) has emerged as a beacon of innovation in the heartland of Haryana. Here, it has etched its mark  on the landscape of rural education, bringing forth a brighter future for the children of three remote schools. BCG has provided support under the CSR initiative to the Akal Academies running under the auspices of Kalgidhar Trust, Baru Sahib, by improvising technological advancement, which required upgrades in computer facilities and technical support.

Bringing in the Change

BCG has funded the installation of 36 new computers to modernize and establish ICT labs in 3 rural schools, i.e., Akal Academies in Fatehabad, Sirsa, and Panchkula of Haryana state.

This will enrich the Digital Literacy and the overall learning experience of students. Students who will benefit from this contribution are from financially constrained backgrounds.

Computer lab

The students can access Information and Communication Technology (ICT) labs. It has opened doors to a realm beyond their textbooks.

This contribution will impact the lives of approximately 2000 students across 3 Akal Academies in the current year. This will also promote women’s empowerment 43% of the total beneficiaries are female students.


Now, the students will no longer be bound to the limitations of their surroundings. They will be able to explore the digital landscape.

The Impact and Goals met

The impact of BCG’s generosity will go beyond this academic session. It will shape the lives of many others in the years to come. This will also ensure meeting the following goals:

  • Meeting Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) set forth by the CBSE for affiliation.
  • Enhanced Digital Literacy and proficiency by equitable access to technology resources and educated software.
  • Equip faculty members with technical skills and support to integrate technology into their teaching methods.
  • Curriculum Enrichment ensures students are well prepared to navigate the digital challenges of the modern world.
  • Upgrade the computer labs. Improve net connectivity and establish robust equipment maintenance.
  • Promoting equity and inclusion by addressing rural and underprivileged students’ needs, bridging the digital divide & providing equal opportunities.

Know more about Boston Consulting Group and how it works with us

Boston Consulting Group was founded in 1963 by Bruce Henderson, a global consulting firm that partners with businesses to tackle their most critical challenges and capture their most significant opportunities. Despite being such a big firm, it is connected with roots and understands the importance of giving back to society.

Under the CSR initiative, they partner with influential organizations to go through different fields and bring change in people’s lives. In the education sector, to improve student outcomes and learning models from K12 through higher education – locally, nationally, and globally. It transforms how people learn, and educational systems thrive.  They ensure that policies and funding support the well-being of disadvantaged children and students.

Akal Academies, on the other hand, are a network of 129 academies across five states in North India offering quality education, that are beacons of hope for the underprivileged and underserved in rural areas, .

To provide the future generation of impoverished and rural Indians with the tools they need to succeed in their chosen fields and contribute significantly to society.

The cascading effect of Technological Advancement

The impact of technological advancement in rural communities goes beyond what the eyes can see.
This is more than a donation—it’s a ticket to a world of limitless opportunities and unbounded possibilities where dreams come true.


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