Empowering Rural Brilliance – Gurleen Kaur’s remarkable 1.1 Crore scholarship showcases the limitless potential of students

Gurleen Kaur is an inspiration to all the students who dream of achieving big in their academic and professional life. She is an alumna of Akal Academy Dakra Sahib and has studied till Class 10 at the academy with distinction in all subjects. She remained the #topper of the batch 2019-20 and has made her school proud by achieving great heights in her academic career.

Prestigious scholarships received by Gurleen

The AKAL ACADEMIES have been playing a crucial role in nurturing the dreams of their students, providing them with an enabling environment to learn, grow and develop their skills. At Akal Academy, students receive dedicated support and guidance from the staff and teachers, helping them to achieve their aspirations. Gurleen Kaur is such an example who has been able to realize her dreams with the institution’s help, becoming a source of inspiration for others.

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This year, she received a #scholarship of  1.1 Crore from The Next Genius Foundation to pursue her higher education at Millsaps College, Jackson Mississippi, one of the prestigious liberal arts colleges in the USA. As a Next Genius Scholar, she will be the program ambassador at her high school and promote this program among her fellow students.

Gurleen has opted for Neuroscience as her course in the USA and dreams of becoming a neuropsychiatrist. She wants to do research in the same field. Her passion for the subject and determination to excel in it is truly inspiring.

Education runs in her family 

Gurleen hails from a family of educators, with her father serving as a government sociology lecturer and her grandparents having retired from the same field.
Her mother is a homemaker, and she has two younger sisters, Sukhman Kaur and Jaismeen Kaur, also studying at the Akal Academy Dakra Sahib, in 10th and 3rd grade respectively.

It’s more than just Academics for Gurleen

The role of an educational institution is to shape the future of its students and help them to achieve their full potential. Apart from her academic achievements, Gurleen with the support and help of the staff and teachers of Akal Academy Dakra Sahib also excelled in extracurricular activities.

She has been a class monitor, Girls’ Captain in the school, and actively participates in volunteering activities, declamation, and painting. Her well-rounded personality is a testament to the fact that academic excellence and extracurricular activities can go hand in hand.

Inspiring message to her schoolmates

Gurleen’s message to all the students out there is “to believe in themselves and be themselves”.

She is a living example of how hard work, determination, and self-belief can help one achieve their dreams. She is an inspiration to all the students who dream of achieving big in their academic and professional life. #SuccessStories happen with faith and consistency towards your goal. 

Akal Academy Dakra sahib visit after achievement

Gurleen’s recent visit to Akal Academy Dakra Sahib reminded her of the institution’s significant role in shaping her success journey. Video footage attached to the blog showcases the school’s commitment to its students’ growth and development, underscoring the vital role that Akal Academy plays in nurturing the dreams of its students.

The Akal Academies have been instrumental in shaping the future of its students by providing them with an enabling environment to learn, grow and develop their skills. Gurleen’s success journey is a testament to the school’s commitment to its students’ well-being, and her achievements are a source of pride for the institution, her family, and society. We extend our best wishes to Gurleen for her future endeavours and hope that she continues to inspire many more students to pursue their dreams with passion and dedication.

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  • Firstly my warm congratulations to Gurleen Kaur for her achievement so far. And all the best to her in PhD studies. I also hope that she returns to her of Akal Academy University to teach and do research in her chosen field. I say the so that we can turn the tide to against brain drain in Sikh Panth. One day I would also like one a high school in Punjab
    to teach Maths and Science .

  • I’m blessed and grateful to be a part of this community. I can’t thank in words for the knowledge and honour this community has given me.
    Dreams do come true if we believe!

    • Hi Gurleen,
      We really feel proud of you. And, we pray to Akal Purakh to give and bless you with success.