From Rural Roots to Administrative Heights: A Punjab Student’s IAS Victory Story

Defying Odds and Pursuing a Dream

There is no shortcut to success. The story of Jaspinder Singh, an Akal Academy Muktsar Sahib alumni, is a shining example of dedication, resilience, and unwavering determination. Jaspinder Singh is the 1st IAS 33rd Rank Holder of Akal Academy Muktsar Sahib and 3rd of The Kalgidhar Trust, Baru Sahib.

Jaspinder defied the difficulties and built his road to success, leaving an everlasting mark on the hallowed halls of Akal Academy Sri Muktsar Sahib. 

Jaspinder Singh always wanted to get into the civil service. His father, Nachattar Singh, is a Farmer, and his mother, Navdeep Kaur, is a devoted housewife; they believed in their son’s abilities and supported him tirelessly. During Jaspinder’s coaching in Delhi, his mother stayed by his side, ensuring he had essentials like food and clothes.

Akal Academy Muktsar Sahib: A Nurturing Environment for Success

Akal Academy Muktsar Sahib provided him with a nurturing environment. The Academy instilled quality value-based education, which is a combination of modern scientific education and spiritual education. The recitation of Nitnem became an integral part of his daily routine, strengthened his spiritual connection, and helped him stay connected to his cultural heritage. This developed his profound love for Gurbani and built up his mental strength, and helped him shape him into a well-rounded individual.

Teachers at Akal Academy recognized his potential and believed he could reach high heights in the civil service. Their unwavering encouragement and support encouraged him, allowing him to reach his full potential.

Jaspinder had stage fear; however, the compassionate and visionary principal of Akal Academy encouraged him to overcome his fears by providing numerous opportunities to speak in front of an audience. This pivotal support helped Jaspinder develop his oratory skills, building his confidence and preparing him for the challenges ahead.

Academic Excellence and Dedication

Jaspinder obtained excellent academic results, scoring a 10 CGPA in Grade 10 (2011-12) and 93.4% in Grade 12. Since then, he has continued to work hard and persistently pursue his dreams. He never took external tuition during schooling, which is a testament to the quality of education and guidance provided at Akal Academy.

Embracing Setbacks and Growing Stronger

Despite the setbacks, Jaspinder never gave up. In his first attempt at the UPSC examination, he missed the cutoff by just one mark, securing 91 marks when the cutoff was set at 92 marks. Despite his disappointment, he refused to let failure overpower his determination. Instead, it pushed his will to strive harder to achieve his goal.

Staying Grounded: Choosing to Serve the Nation

In an era where the youth want to go abroad and settle there, Jaspinder chose to stay in the country and contribute to its growth and development. Jaspinder’s choice to stay and work diligently echoes the vision of Sant Baba Iqbal Singh Ji, founder of Akal Academies, who believed in nurturing students to become IAS and IPS officers and hold higher positions for the betterment of the country.

Celebrating Jaspinder’s Achievements

Singh’s achievements were noticed. He received a token of appreciation from CM Bhagwant Mann. The Chief Minister of Punjab awarded him for his outstanding performance in the UPSC examination. Dr. Davinder Singh Ji, President of the Kalgidhar Trust, Baru Sahib, also honored him during Sant Samagam in Gurdwara Bangla Sahib.


Expressing Gratitude and Acknowledging the Role of Teachers

Despite the achievement, he is down to earth and is grateful to his teachers, who played instrumental roles in his success. He visited Akal Academy Muktsar Sahib a day before joining IAS in Sangrur to thank the teachers for their support and guidance

Inspiring the next Generation

Akal Academy Muktsar Sahib is a beacon of excellence and empowers students to reach their full potential. The Academy continues to foster and inspire young minds, with over 60 students becoming doctors

Jaspinder Singh is the 3rd IAS securing IAS AIR 33 from the Kalgidhar Trust, Baru Sahib. Earlier, Simrandeep Singh from Akal Academy Kauriwara became IAS obtaining AIR 34, and Harjinder Singh of Akal Academy Bharyal Lahri secured IAS AIR 815.

Jaspinder Singh’s remarkable journey from a farmer’s son to an accomplished IAS officer is a testament to the power of resilience, determination, and the support of a nurturing educational institution like Akal Academy Sri Muktsar Sahib. Jaspinder’s success inspires all and will encourage many to pursue their dreams and work diligently to contribute to the growth and development of the country.

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