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Guru Nanak’s Universal Message: Journey to Rome and Beyond

Let’s embark on a journey through history, guided by the luminous spirit of  Guru Nanak Dev Ji. Join Nini and her grandfather as they delve into the fascinating story of Guru Nanak’s travels, encounters, and timeless wisdom. Together, we’ll explore the profound impact he had on people of all faiths, spreading his message of love, equality, and compassion to distant lands.

Nini: Grandpa, today I want to hear another historic story about the Sikhs. They always fascinate me with their courage and wisdom.

Grandfather: Of course, my dear. Let me share with you a remarkable tale about Guru Nanak’s visit to Rome, Italy, in the year 1520.

Nini: Guru Nanak went to Rome too? Wow, I didn’t know that!

Grandfather: Yes, indeed. Guru Nanak’s travels were not confined to one region. He journeyed far and wide, spreading his message of love and equality wherever he went.

Nini: What happened during his visit to Rome, Grandpa?

Grandfather: Well, it’s said that Guru Nanak’s presence in Rome left a profound impact on the Catholic Church and its leaders. In fact, there are historical records confirming his visit and interactions with figures like Pope Leo X.

Nini: Really? What did he talk about with the Pope?

Grandfather: Guru Nanak advocated for the liberty of human beings and spoke against the practice of slavery. He emphasized the equality of all people and urged the Pope and Christians to follow in his footsteps, addressing him as the “Common Father of our race.”

Nini: That’s amazing, Grandpa! Did the Pope agree with him?

Grandfather: Yes, surprisingly, the Pope and his conclave recognized the wisdom in Guru Nanak’s teachings. They even issued decrees urging Christians to thank Nanak for his practical help in Italy and elsewhere in the world.

Nini: It’s incredible how Guru Nanak’s message resonated with people from different faiths and backgrounds.

Grandfather: Indeed, my dear. Guru Nanak’s visit to Rome is just one example of how his universal message of compassion and unity transcended boundaries and touched the hearts of people around the world.

Nini: Thank you for sharing that story, Grandpa. It’s inspiring to learn about Guru Nanak’s journey and the impact he had on so many lives.

Grandfather: You’re welcome, my dear. The stories of our Sikh ancestors are a testament to the power of faith and the importance of standing up for what is right. Let us continue to honor their legacy by embodying the values they held dear.


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