How a Teenage Sensation from Rural Punjab Claimed International Success in Fencing 

In today’s era, where the youth is engulfed in Drugs, One Girl has become an inspiration not only for people in her village but also for the Nation. 

Govindnoor’s background

Govindnoor Kaur hailing from a  Farmer’s Family of Aima Malia Village – Tarn Taran has emerged as a role model with her significant achievements in Fencing. 


Govindnoor’s family is a humble and straightforward family that values hard work and perseverance. Kaur’s father and mother are both government employees. Her father, Sardar Jaswant Singh, is a laboratory technician, and her mother, Sardarni Sarbjit Kaur, works as a Staff Nurse. They both always motivate her and support her in achieving her dreams. 

She is an alumna of Akal Academy, Teja Singh Wala ,and has made us proud with her Sports and academic achievements. 

Her amazing achievements

She earned a Gold Medal in Punjab State Fencing in the U-20 Competition and was selected for Nationals. She has also made our Nation proud by winning the Silver Medal in the Asian Junior and Cadet Fencing Championship held in Uzbekistan


She played her first Nationals in 2016 and secured the Silver Medal.

Her achievements in Fencing are commendable.
She has participated in 16 National championships, 1 International Championship, etc. She has bagged numerous medals and accolades while competing in these National and Global championships. 


She has 12 gold medals, 8 silver medals, and 8 bronze medals in her court. 

Significant support by her teachers, and facilities provided at the academy

Amandeep Kaur, the Sports Teacher at Akal Academy, introduced her to Fencing. But in the beginning, for her, Fencing was just a hobby. She was not keen on sports. Her teacher, Amandeep Ji, identified her talent and took her to the District Level Competition, and there, she secured 2nd position and was selected for the State Level. She has never looked back since. 


Govindnoor finds herself lucky enough to have such supporting staff at Akal Academy Teja Singh Wala, who always helped her manage exams and sporting competitions. The staff and teachers at Akal Academy Teja Singh Wala provided her with never-ending support, which helped her dream big and land on the achievements. The Academy provided her with resources and proper guidance and training, which proved instrumental in her remarkable journey. 

Govindnoor – a talented personality

Kaur was always an intelligent student, but along with an excellent intellectual mind, she was born with leadership skills. She was always an active participant in various extracurricular activities, which added to her communication and organizational abilities. 

She excels across different domains and proves her versatility with each passing day. 


She is a two-time state champion in Abacus and a recipient of numerous prizes in the Gurmat Competitions.  

She is good not only in sports but also in academics. She is a State Topper in the Indian Talent Olympiad. She secured 95% in Grade 10 and 83% in Grade 12. 

Kaur’s Role Models and inspiration

Govindnoor has always been a massive fan of CA Bhawani Devi. She is a big name in the International Fencing Sports Industry and is the First Indian Fencing Player to qualify for the Olympics. Besides Bhawani Devi, she takes inspiration from her parents, who have always supported her throughout the journey. 

She also takes inspiration from her teachers, especially Mrs. Sandeep Kaur (Principal), Mrs. Amandeep Kaur (Coach), and Mrs. Goldy, who have played essential roles in shaping her path to success. 

The dedication that the staff members of Akal Academy Teja Singh Wala have shown has not only impacted the journey of Govindnoor but has also contributed to the overall reputation and legacy of the Akal Academies working under the aegis of The Kalgidhar Trust, Baru Sahib. 

Kaur’s Future Aspirations & Message to Students

Kaur finds her inclination towards the Civil Services and wants to become an IAS officer and serve the Nation. She dreams of positively impacting people’s lives within the society. 

Based on her experience on various national and global stages, she gives a simple yet profound message to her fellow students that dreams are not achieved without hard work and unwavering dedication. They are achieved through never-ending determination and relentless hard work. 

Kaur is a shining example for the other students who wish to see their names on the Top of the Global Charts. She inspires many such aspiring individuals who are working hard to achieve something big in their lives. 


Congratulations to our Kaurageous Govindnoor Kaur on her Sports Excellence. We also wish her the best of luck in her future endeavors. 



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