Student from Farmer’s Family makes it to IIT Bombay

The way to IIT – A journey full of challenges and learning experiences

Studying at an IIT is a childhood dream of many individuals in India, but it is far from a cakewalk. It demands continuous efforts, unwavering focus, and, most importantly, stepping out of your comfort zone. Thousands of aspiring students compete fiercely to reach the lofty echelons of the  Indian Institute of Technology (IITs), India’s premier institute for extraordinary minds.
Our boy from Akal Academy, Muktsar Sahib, Ekamnoor Singh, a genius with all these traits, has pleasantly surprised us with his AIR 3700 in JEE Advanced. His decision to head towards his dream institute, IIT BOMBAY, to pursue Civil Engineering has filled us with pride. 


Ekamnoor’s background – a strong pillar of support by a farming family

Ekamnoor’s family has bestowed budding stars upon society, from farmers to government teachers. Starting from a humble farming background, moving up to the position of government teacher, and finally, the pathway to the prestigious IIT, it has been a way to roses waylaid by thorns.
Ekamnoor’s parents, as well as their grandparents, played a crucial role in his success. They never left him alone in his tough times and always motivated him to follow a positive approach in his life. 


His interests and hobbies – excelling in all fields

Education is not just about what you read; it’s also about what you experience outside the pages of a book. An all-rounded student shines both academically as well as socially. For the holistic development of students, they must be limited to their books and have the power to chase the world.
Ekamnoor is an all-rounded student with a diligent and open-minded mind. Apart from being good at studies, he was also a state-level badminton champion. Besides studies, he devoted ample time to hone and strengthen his skills. 

How did Ekamnoor accomplish it! 

“Work hard in silence. Let your success make the noise”. This quote fits well in Ekamnoor’s success anecdote. His achievement left everyone surprised and astonished. All want to be privy to the secret of his victory.
His mindset, full of positivity, perseverance, and dedication towards his passion, made him achieve the feat. His exemplary achievement resulted not only from his intellect but also from his careful planning and intelligent work. The foundation laid for him by his teachers and parents bore fruit. 

His Role Models

Ekamnoor gives the credit for his success to his parents. Unlike most students with film stars as their role models, he considers his parents only role models. They supported him every time and guided him towards the right path. It is true that “Behind every child who believes in himself are the parents who believed first.”

Ekamnoor’s aspirations and future endeavors

Ekamnoor is all set to pursue his graduation in civil engineering from the esteemed IIT BOMBAY. He aims to become a sound engineer, but he also wishes to be a good human being in his life to inspire others. 

How did Akal Academy play its part

With its experienced faculty and staff, the academy played a crucial role in Ekamnoor’s success. The academy laid a smooth educational foundation for him and a moral bedrock of utmost importance in a student’s life. The students in the academy recite divine hymns from Guru Granth Sahib Ji, illuminating their minds and providing internal bliss.


Akal Academy is recognized nationally and internationally for its comprehensive, result-oriented academic schemes. It is a leading educational institution in India committed to students’ success since 1996.

Message to fellow students

Ekamnoor emphasizes the value of moral values in one’s life. In today’s fiercely competitive world, one can find peace only in spirituality.
Also, he says that students should not remain confined within the walls of academics but also participate in extracurricular activities to develop their overall personality. 



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  • How to grow or give birth to talented human beings?
    Then nurture the talent with love, knowledge & skills keeping the scope for individual experience and or experimentation alive.
    Lastly, shun all kinds of rivalry, competition and grading confined only to the purely commercial enterprises.
    The worldly success is very much possible and ultimately sustainable only if its core value is only about the human well-being and nothing else, whatsoever.