Humanitarian Assistance And Disaster Relief – Initiatives by The Kalgidhar Society

Climate change is making vast impacts on our lives. Cloudbursts, flash floods, erratic rainfall, and rapid temperature increases are now creating havoc like never before.

The Kalgidhar Society, Baru Sahib plays its part in providing disaster relief

Whenever a natural calamity hits the country, The Kalgidhar Society has always come forward to help and alleviate suffering. It supports and lends its helping hand to the needy across the country, whether it is the Kashmir earthquake, Kerala floods, Punjab Floods, the Covid-19 pandemic, etc. Services are activated at short notice to provide long-term relief.


Punjab and Himachal Floods in 2023

In 2023, Punjab,& Himachal Pradesh were again hit by flooding. Many rivers, including Sutlej, Beas, Ravi, and Ghaggar, have swelled up due to heavy torrential rain.

Record rainfall also caused local flooding due to the choking of drains and siphons; thus, water entered houses. All major cities were affected, including Patiala, Ludhiana, Jalandhar, Bathinda, and Amritsar.

The Kalgidhar Society is at the forefront and helping flood victims. Our Akal Flood Relief team has around 150 volunteers. They are tirelessly working on rescue operations and extending essential relief supplies to those affected in Punjab, along with road clearance in Himachal Pradesh and other areas.

During this havoc, the Akal Relief Team of the Kalgidhar Trust Baru Sahib is serving various villages, including
Shatrana, Patran Gulahar in Patiala, Moonak in Sangrur, Shahkot, Gidar Pindi in Jalandhar, Mandli Village in Nawanshahr, and Ratia in Fatehabad.

The team provides Langar to the needy, rescues them, provides medicines, and constructs Check Dam. The Akal Relief Team, along with the unwavering support of Sant Baba Balbir Singh Seecheval and the compassionate communities around them, has taken charge of mending the broken “Check Dam” and helping the affected villages regain their footing.


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The #AkalReliefTeam cares not just for the people, but provides for the animals and cattle too, arranging for medicine, nursing and even fodder for the cattle.


People across the globe have come forward in their individual capacity and contributed for the Relief work.
The villagers of Dhamot near Ludhiana, have donated groceries and items of daily use  for the Punjab flood victims

Different communities have come together to help. Dr Nashir Akhtar is lending his support to Akal Relief Team in providing medicines and medical care to the flood affected.

INFOSYS and other companies have donated to the cause, using their initiatives under #CSR

INFOSYS has extended its support through its charity division ARPAN. The team at Infosys has generously provided us with essential rations and groceries, offering a helping hand when needed.
But that’s not all! Infosys has also pledged to donate a boat to us, bringing hope and empowerment to our community in these trying times.


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An Urgent Appeal

Caring for the Ones Who Feed Us: Join Our Mission to Support Flood-Affected Farmers Appeal – Your Urgent Help required Today


We also urge all Corporates to contribute to alleviate the sufferings of the affected in all the ways that they can.

Please Donate and help in Punjab floods fundraising

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Earlier Calamities aided by Kalgidhar Society

The Covid Calamity –  Extremely difficult times overcome with inner strength and courage

Akal Charitable hospital was declared as DCCC ( Dedicated Covid Care Centre), and DCHC ( Dedicated Covid Health Centre) by Himachal Government. During covid wave 1 volunteers from Akal College of Nursing and Akal Charitable Hospital started awareness door-to door campaigns in over 18 nearby villages and distributed life essentials like sanitizers, masks, gloves, medicines and food grains. Beside this, due to lack of livelihood we also provided work to support the financial condition of over 8000 local villagers
During the 2nd wave of the Covid pandemic we conducted 7000+ RTPCR Lab Tests and 700+ patients were found positive and treated accordingly in the hospital with excellent recovery rate of 99.7%. We also provided Free meals and accomodation do 600+ patients/attendants on daily basis.


Our volunteers also set up 6 Oxygen Concentrators distribution centres which provided oxygen to 400+ patients. More than 35000 Casetify Masks and medicines were distributed in several towns in North India.

Participation By Corporates in Relief Work Through #CSR

We received funds and in kind support from different Corporates, namely AIF  (American Indian Foundation), SIGMA Corporation, Azim Premji Foundation, Sun Foundation, HDFC Bank, G R Infraprojects Ltd. AB Sugars Ltd., Woodland, Himalaya Wellness, Unilever, Protonics etc. and many others

Notably, A Covid-19 Care facility was established with the support of AIF at Akal Charitable Hospital in Sirmaur. A fully Equipped ICU with 3 beds was created by ACH,  supported by HDFC Bank.


Punjab floods in 2019

Heavy rainfall in Punjab in August 2019 resulted in a rise in the water level of the Satluj River and the release of water from the dams, thus causing floods.

The flooding affected over 300 Punjab villages, forced people to live on rooftops, and damaged crops.

The Kalgidhar Society, Baru Sahib, sent Electricians, Masons, and Plumbers to repair the loss to the victims’ property due to the floods. Staff and students of Akal Academies, running under the auspices of the Kalgidhar Society, also untiringly participated in helping the flood victims of Punjab.

In this Flood Relief:

  • Electrical work in 466 Houses
  • Construction work in 61 Houses
  • Plumbing work in 2 Houses
  • Provided 3 Boats
  • 10 Solar Lights
  • Repaired a Govt. School
  • Constructed a 20x26ft tin shed for a needy family


Rebuild Kerala Mission

In 2018 Flood in Kerala created havoc. The flood occurred due to abnormally high rainfall during the monsoon season.

In the flood, over 483 people died, and 15 went missing.

A team of 40 people was sent to Kerala with the mission to #RebuildKerala by the Kalgidhar Society.
The Team included Skilled workers, including electricians, plumbers, and civil engineers. They helped people rebuild their houses and walls damaged in the recent floods.

The Team rectified complaints in Kochangadi, Paravur, and Chendamangalam.

The total rectification done in Kerala was:

  • Lighted Lamps in 250 Houses
  • Reconstructed 130 Houses
  • Reconstructed 2 Villages
  • Restoration work in Churches and Mosques and Schools


Kashmir Relief Mission

18 years ago, in 2005 a devastating earthquake with a 7.6 magnitude destroyed 80% of Uri in Kashmir.
Nearly 1,345 were confirmed dead, and another 2,000 were reported missing. More than 36 thousand properties were damaged either fully or partially.

Under the supervision of Sant Baba Iqbal Singh Ji, The Kalgidhar Trust, Baru Sahib, a Disaster Relief Team was sent to Kashmir.
The team consisted of masons, plumbers, electricians, etc.

The team promptly began repairing and constructing fallen houses, schools, and places of worship and worked day & night for 70 days before the snowfall.

By the end of Phase-1 of the Kashmir Relief Mission, the Kalgidhar Society had spent around Rs. 2.25 Crores. (Rs.23 Million) with the help of Donations/Contributions from its donors and substantially from its own resources.

During the Rehabilitation, there were

  • 10,175 Beneficiaries,
  • and 1850 houses,
    construction materials, and labor were provided.
  • The TeamTeam rebuilt a historic Army Library, Training School, and Canteen.
  • They rebuilt 4 gurdwaras
  • along with 4 Mosques and
  • the historical Pandu Temple.


Appreciation and Recognition of Relief Work

The magnanimous efforts at disaster relief work have won accolades across states. In fact, the Ministry of Home Affairs mentioned Kalgidhar Society for its relief work in the aftermath of the earthquake in Kashmir.

In Punjab Floods 2023, The Akal Relief Team’s work is appreciated and covered by various News Channels like PTC News, Rozana Spokesman, Jus Punjabi, Next Punjab News, and the local people.

Dr. Harmeet Singh, Universal Hospital, Patran, Dist: Patiala, also joined hands with the team and is serving the people and applauding the team’s efforts.

Appreciation has rolled in from all quarters and places – from the schools, churches, mosques, states and ministries,  and the people who were able to regain their livelihood with this support.

The Kalgidhar Society’s relief and rehabilitation efforts in the South Asia earthquake have been acknowledged by Govt. of India’s Ministry of Home Affairs in its Annual Report 2005-2006.On page 112, Clause 7.65, under the heading “NGO’s effort in providing shelters,” mentions the efforts of The Kalgidhar Society in the Uri and Tangdhar areas of Kashmir in the earthquake that took off thousands of human lives and rendered millions homeless.


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