Leaving his glamorous career at the peak of success, This Man on mission is transforming #PUNJAB

Model, actor, and now a become of hope for youngsters in his native village, Inder Bajwa is embarking on a transformative mission. Departing from his glamorous career at its pinnacle, Inder is dedicated to uplifting the lives of Punjabi youth in rural areas through community outreach initiatives.

Cycling Across Punjab: Documenting Sports Infrastructure and Inspiring Youth

Teaming up with fellow advocate Gurdeep Dhaliwal, Inder is undertaking a 30-day cycle tour across Punjab to document sports infrastructure in villages and raise awareness about health. Their journey, flagged off by Hockey Olympian Balbir Singh Sr in Chandigarh on September 21, aims to engage with local youth, understand their aspirations, and address their challenges.

Empowering Through Sports and Cultural Festivals

In his native village of Bajwa Kalan, Inder has been instrumental in organizing sports meets and cultural festivals as catalysts for positive change among youth. Leveraging sports like kabaddi to deter youngsters from substance abuse, he advocates for the importance of sports in realizing one’s potential and maintaining physical fitness.

Challenges and Opportunities in Rural Punjab

During their journey, Inder and Gurdeep have encountered the stark realities of rural Punjab, where lack of infrastructure and development hinder youth from pursuing their dreams. They highlight the absence of sports teachers in government schools and the dearth of training facilities as major obstacles in nurturing future athletes.

Amidst Adversity, Stories of Resilience

Despite these challenges, Inder and Gurdeep have uncovered inspiring stories of resilience and determination. From Harinder Singh, coaching girls in football despite limited resources, to Bhagial Singh, training aspiring wrestlers amidst the remnants of militancy, these individuals are catalysts for change in their communities.

Pedaling Towards Progress

Covering an average distance of 50 km per day, Inder and Gurdeep are committed to documenting more stories of hope and resilience as they traverse a distance of over 3000 km. Their journey symbolizes a relentless pursuit of empowerment and transformation in rural Punjab, culminating in their return to Chandigarh on October 21.


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