Namisha’s inspiring story- a story of determination and resilience

This is the story of Namisha, a girl who didn’t let challenges break her.
A student of Akal academy Balbehra , Namisha made everyone proud by scoring 98.4 % and bagging  2nd position in Patiala district in 10th CBSE board exams.
Her journey , however , has not been easy . It serves as an inspiration for all those who don’t let their situations define them and meet life with immense courage , patience and an unwavering will to win.

Namisha’s Family Background and a childhood faced with challenges.

Namisha grew up in Barnala district of  Punjab , where she studied till class 7th . However , due to the untimely tragic death of her father , she had no choice but to move with her mother and brother to to her maternal grandparents at Balbehra.
The emotional set back combined with the financial/ practical challenges were indeed tough to bear but didn’t deter Namisha from chasing her dreams.


Strong supporting role played by Akal Academy Balbehra in her journey.

It is rightly said that God helps those who help themselves.  Namisha sought perfect support from Akal Academy, Balbehra. Unlike other institutions which charged heavy fee for good education, Academy really eased  her financial burden by enrolling her along with her brother under Educate To Save initiative   and given 100% fee concession for her education at the academy .

She is extremely grateful to the academy and forever indebted to its generosity and  support. Additionally, the atmosphere at academy not only gave her an impetus towards academic growth but also moral and spiritual growth . The daily recitation of prayers and paath blessed her with a firm mind and formidable character which she feels are going to help her throughout her life.

Moreover, the academy gave her multiple opportunities to show case her talents in other spheres as well. She fondly remembers that she got to participate in numerous competitions including interschool PPT presentation, group discussions, essay writing and debates.She also excelled at Gurmat competition. She recalls that in her early days she, often avoided spoken english, but soon the atmosphere of academy helped her in acquiring a new language . Now she can speak it both accurately and fluently.

Her gratitude towards her teachers

Namisha feels her teachers at the academy were her biggest support. Their undeterred faith in her abilities motivated her to work tirelessly towards her goal.  Their sincerity , hardwork and dedication inspired her to follow in their footsteps.
Particularly her science teacher at AAB , Ms Vandana Sharma really motivated her to pursue medical stream. Namisha recalls that though she always wanted to be a doctor , she had initial fears about the stream and the profession. Ms. Vandana , who herself had been from the science stream, gave  her a lot of confidence and showed enormous faith in her abilities . Owing to the encouragement of her teacher , she overcame her fears and started preparing for her goal with single minded devotion.


Namisha’s future goals and vision

After achieving incredible success in 10th cbse results, she has decided to pursue medical stream. She is currently preparing for NEET exam.Her goal is to become a successful cardiac surgeon , something her father wanted her to be. She is working with massive grit and dedication to achieve her goal .

Message to her fellow-students

When questioned about her success, Namisha suggested that students should study consistently because they can’t  get good results overnight. She says that her focus was to correct her shortcomings and reinforce what she already knows.
Another tip she shared was, that internet is just not limited to Instagram or Snapchat. It has boundless options of learning and she wants the students to put internet to right use and go beyond what the books can offer.

The success story of Namisha demonstrates that it is not in stars but ourselves to decide our fate. Tough situations only test our patience and determination. We should never let any social , economic or emotional challenge to stop us from achieving our dreams.


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