Sowing Seeds of Rural Education - The Dhaliwals' everlasting gift to Village Lohara

Sowing Seeds of Rural Education – The Dhaliwals’ everlasting gift to Village Lohara

Lohara, an unknown tiny village in Punjab, is now witnessing a transformation taking place, that will continue to impact and empower many lives with a better future.

This is an inspiring story; a story of love, legacy, and learning.

A tribute to the roots

This is the story of Kulwinder Singh Dhaliwal and Manjit Kaur Dhaliwal, a couple whose roots were deeply entrenched in this village’s soil. They had ventured far from their homeland, carrying with them the values and dreams instilled by their parents. Now having the means to do so, they are giving back an amazing gift to their homeland.

When they recently met the delegation from Baru Sahib at their homes in the US, their love took shape in the form of a support for a noble cause.

In a heartfelt tribute to their late father, S. Chamkaur Singh Dhaliwal, they decided to ignite and spread the flame of education in Lohara. The ‘S.Chamkaur Singh Dhaliwal Memorial Scholarship‘ was born, not just as a scholarship but as a gift of education that would continue to spread and multiply.

The Gift of Education – An ever-enlightening vision for Lohara

In rural Lohara, the small village of about 500 houses, the Dhaliwals’ initiative has brought in a new dawn.

It is an incredible  opportunity for underserved children to get an education at Akal Academy Kaleke. 

They have pledged to support every child reaching the age of four, making education accessible and constant. Over the next 12 years of schooling for every child, their program is set to touch the lives of many students, turning the village into a cradle of learning and opportunity.

‘S. Chamkaur Singh Dhaliwal Memorial Scholarship’ is an enduring legacy of compassionate giving is a beacon of hope, signifying the transformative power of education.’

This selfless act of Charity for Education and support to The Kalgidhar Trust’s Educate To Save initiative will bring positive change and empower the children who lack resources and opportunities

Educate to Save – not just a Vision, it is a Movement

This story has been made possible with Baru Sahib’s ‘Educate to Save’ movement, a vision that sees education as a cornerstone for uplifting rural communities.

The Educate to Save program enables the practical application of financial aid for education. It is a model of sustainable development, a testament to their belief in rural education’s transformative power.

The Ripple Effect of a Legacy

Kulwindеr Singh Dhaliwal is an inspiration to all the NRIs and wants to encourage all NRIs to adopt a village in Punjab so that the people of the village can grow.

He says, “The essence of this program is to encourage other resource people to adopt villages as a whole who need to understand why this is different and how they can satisfy their personal family feelings, along with Baru Sahib organization, without worrying about the funding process. And most importantly, provide a measurable progress in education in society.”

This noble action is bound to echo far beyond Lohara, inspiring many; especially the NRI community, to look back at their roots and contribute meaningfully.

As the village itself transforms with the education of their children, it becomes a symbol of hope and progress, a story that would inspire generations.

Come, Join the Odyssey

The story of Kulwinder Singh Dhaliwal and Manjit Kaur Dhaliwal is more than a narrative; it’s an invitation.

Kalgidhar Society appreciates this noble cause as in today’s era, where youngsters live separately from their parents or are brought to nursing homes. They become an inspiration for all the people. Their philanthropic еndеavor will lеavе a lasting impact by providing education in rural areas and extending a call to action to all, both Indians and NRIs and others passionate about education and change.

This tale is not just about giving back but about moving forward, together, towards a brighter, more educated world.

Come, and be a part of a movement that lights the path of knowledge for many more.

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