Aragen Life Sciences Forges a Dynamic Partnership with Eternal University and Akal University for Experiential Learning

Collaboration between universities and industry is vital to students’ skill development. Not only does it enable students to gain real-world experience, it also provides Companies acces to our smart and freshly graduated youngsters who have been trained and introduced to the cutting edge technologies. The Team from Kalgidhar Trust, Baru Sahib, has met with the Management of Aragen Life Sciences to discuss possible CSR and industry partnership opportunities.

Background about the Universities and Aragen LifeSciences

Eternal University and Akal University are running under the auspices of The Kalgidhar Trust, Brau Sahib, with a mission to empower the students with wings to fly by providing them with a holistic education that prepares them for the world.
It has been the Vision of Baba Iqbal Singh Ji,the spiritual founder of these universities, to provide education that goes beyond the classroom and prepares them for the real world.
Aragen Life Sciences is a trusted leading biotechnology company based in Hyderabad, India.

CSR Collaboration

Corporate Social responsibility plays a vital role in the business environment and is when companies conduct business morally and feasibly and act responsibly. It is heartening to see companies like Aragen Life Sciences come forward and contribute to society.

Meeting for Internships and Placements

Several topics were discussed in the meeting, including internship and placement for university students.
Internships and placement are essential in the student’s life as they provide the necessary skills and help them gain industry exposure and networking opportunities.
In the meeting, CSR Partnership with the universities was also discussed, which will involve collaborating with universities to undertake a project that will benefit the community in improving access to education.

A beautiful Token of Appreciation

As a token of appreciation, the team from Kalgidhar Trust presented the Aragen Life Sciences management team with Baba Iqbal Singh Ji’s biography. Baba Iqbal Singh Ji was a visionary, and his teacings and publications are a source of inspiration and enlightenment for many. The gesture reflected the universities’ deep respect for the company’s commitment to CSR.


Gratitude and excitement for a fruitful future for all

We are excited about the partnership. It was an excellent opportunity to network with industry leaders like Aragen Life Sciences. It will be a valuable experience for our students to gain industry experience. These collaborations bridge the gap between education and practical experience and contribute to the industry’s growth.
We also sincerely thank Naresh Kumar Ji, Associate Vice President, and his team at Aragen Life Sciences, for his efforts and for arranging this meeting, and taking things forward.

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